Monday, 11 July 2011


It's amazing to me that I am back in Ontario.  Twenty-eight years ago I left for the beautiful Caribbean island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands to work at a small hotel.  I intended to stay for a year or two and yet it turned out to be twelve amazing years.  I have been extraordinarily blessed to have a wonderful partner and two fabulous kids, daughter born in Cornwall, England and son in Tortola.  Now once more, after spending fifteen years on another lovely island, Vancouver Island, at a variety of locales and diverse jobs, we decided to make another change.
I have never blogged in my life before, (thought it was a dirty word actually)  so, I thought it might be a new beginning to post photos of where I've been and the wonderful people I've met.  I'm obsessed with taking photos (drove my kids bonkers) and I have thousands that I've never shared.
Anyway, I thought this would be a suitable outlet for sharing, with family and friends, (if you're interested) so bear with me please, as I'm not very organized, so photos and thoughts will probably bounce all over the place.

Right now, my partner and son are in Cornwall England, beautiful place where surfing is huge!  Many people who've never been to the South West of England are surprized by this. 

My old, loveable dog, Jango, resting on my brother's lawn in Victoria, before his big drive across Canada

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  1. Great blogging start! That small hotel in Tortola did us both a favour - I got my gorgeous partner there too!

    Have a seriously wonderful life in your new home. I wonder if I'll ever get that gorgeous partner to visit. xxx