Monday, 25 June 2012

A not so Lonely Summer's Eve in Stratford

There is nothing that compares to a summer evening walk to lift the spirits and assuage a lonely heartsick soul. sob..sob...(Violins Please!)

After a family gathering in the UK and living in cramped quarters, (I even had bruises)  I relished in the thought of finally being on my own!  But now after a few weeks, I find I’m missing my family so much that it has taken me for a loop, fancy that!...Especially missing, my Best Friend with Benefits ......(my husband). 

A few of my New friends had invited me out to the Stratford Blues Festival, and yet I had declined, I was behind with a few Website projects, and decided to stay home and work.  However, after dinner with my senior doggie companion, Jango (whose always asleep when not eating,) and after I’d knocked back a couple of wines, I instantly regretted it.  Silly me.  So off I went in the hollow hope of finding my friends.  My stroll began, through town towards the Avon River in my new hometown of Stratford at 9:30 p.m. on a Saturday night.  

Downie Street was alive with well-dressed tourists, peeking in windows and checking out venues and menus.  Pampered pub patrons spilled out of open air patios from Fosters, The Pour House and free flying fragrances filled the air from Downie’s gourmet burgers, mixed with Eastern spicy smells from Taj & Raja. 

Hosts of happy teens swarmed the streets, oblivious to anyone’s world but their own, freedom from the confines of classrooms and paranoid parents, who always think you'll gouge your eye out, not matter what you do? (I remember this)

The evening light so beautiful and the sky streaked with pinks, orangey blues, and an ornamental crescent moon hung on an invisible hook.  Down by the riverbank, new little cygnets were being tucked up in bed by their protective parents.  It was lovely!

So I took a few photographs and then decided I was content and thought, well I’ll just go home now.

But like a pleasant hazy dream….friends materialized…. ahh new friends, Marie, Deb, Fred,… remember him? (Who the F is Fred?)         
Anyways, they had spotted me and I was quickly whisked off into the Allman Arena to the Stratford Blues Festival.  Fred insisted he could get me in for Free, so I’m not sure what happened but the next thing I knew I was inside dancing along side my cousin, Rhona, Fred and the lovely Maggie, completely absorbed in the fantastic Blues and Rock music.

Cousin with The Infamous Fred


Dylan Wickens & The Grand Naturals

Fantastic Band - Plum Loco - John Till, BW Pawley, Wayne Brown

My only wish is that I had arrived earlier to see the many others who played before these two Sharp Rockin Bands.  And I hoped to captured a good shot of the Roller Skating Gals that were gliding about, but since I was well-refreshed with wine, these photos are only a colourful blur, except for this one. 

I’m also well pleased that the Roller gals didn’t have an extra pair of skates as my thoughts were truly turning dorky with the idea that I too, could be just as Twirly and Wonderfully graceful on Wheels as these ladies were, and for sure I would have ended up embarrassing myself.  (I sometimes forget that I’m not twenty anymore.)  There is hope however, (in the skating department, I mean) the black stockinged, (new word) skater, Lemon Zinger handed me a flyer explaining that Even I could be taught all about roller skating, and get an equally Awesome Name, such as Hers,  mmm....what could it be?  Cruizin Suze, comes to mind or Little Miss Muffet! 
Long long time ago, my sisters and I took great pleasure as young girls, skating in an underground parking lot to Bag Pipes!  But Ahh, that is another story.

Again, Stratford has proved that a room was filled with cheery enthusiastic Dancers, hypnotized by the strong talent of groups like, Dylan Wickens & The Grand Naturals, and this other band that I failed to get the name of, can be an uplifting experience and a refreshing jolt out of the doldrums.

Some of my Dancing Friends!
Yeager, just out of hospital

Marvelous Marie

Rosalie & Maggie

Peter Shane & Roller Gal



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